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Phil Tonks, owner/winemaker of Grand View Winery has sold the business and is retiring.
There will be an Equipment Auction on Tuesday, December 9 at the winery. Thomas Hirchak, auctioneer. Here is the link for all the info: Bidding starts at 10:00 am.

Grand View Winery is a family owned farm winery producing exceptional grape wines and wines from fruits that grow easily and naturally in Vermont. In addition to using fruits from our own orchards and groves, we support other Vermont farms and orchards by purchasing their fruits. We use organically grown produce whenever possible.

Over the eighteen years that we have been producing wine, our wines have won regional, national and international awards. While focusing on fruits that grow easily in Vermont, we produce wines that are not overly sweet.  Limiting the sweetness brings out more of the natural flavors of the fruit. All wines are allowed to age at least nine months before bottling. Our Grape wines are often aged one to two years. We use no oak barrels or oak chips to avoid masking the true flavors.  The one exception to our production of fruit wines which are not overly sweet is our new Pear Ice Wine.  Like any ice wine the intenseness of the fruit is brought out in the natural freezing process, resulting in a delightful sweet dessert wine.

Spring, summer and fall come off the beaten path. Enjoy our rural setting with 50-mile views. Bring a lunch to enjoy with a selected wine while sitting outside soaking up the views, flower gardens and tranquility.

Or visit our Retail Shop and Tasting Room on Route 100, Waterbury Center, at the Cold Hollow Cider Mill. Open 7 days a week through November 30, 2014.

Awards for 2013. Grand View Winery received ten medals from the wine competitions organized by Finger Lakes International, Taster's Guild International, and Eastern States Exposition.

Pear Wine received the only Double Gold Medal awarded by the Eastern States Exposition Wine Competition and also won "Best in Show" for all Vermont wines submitted, and "Best Locally Grown" award.

Other wines receiving awards include Ice Pear Wine (Gold); Cassis, Cranberry Wine, Raspberry Apple Wine, Raspberry Infusion Wine, Mac Jack Hard Cider (Silver) and Back Roads Berry, Seyval, and Strawberry Rhubarb (Bronze).